Social Web Innovation

Sharing | Content Scraping

MC: Share” is the verb that most use to describe the Web of our days.

Through different ways (site, blog, forum, etc…), we create content, share them and make them shareable, but sometimes they are exploited by other.

Has it ever happened that your content were exploited for you? Could you write your experience?

Robin Good: Excellent guide by Neil Patel on how to combat and fight back against content scrapers.

If you produce valuable content on your web site, there may be other sites out there taking advantage of it without you realizing it, by “scraping” your original feed and republishing it under their own terms and without attribution and link back to your original. And they may even rank higher than you inside Google search results.

To find out how to investigate, identify, block and report whoever attempts to do this without your own consent, I highly recommend reading this guide.

Informative. Resourceful. 8/10