Gabriele Silli | FEDERICA SCHIAVO GALLERY | Rome Gallery Tours

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Esercizi di accanimento ottativo-digitali (Exercises of Digital-Optative Stubbornness)

5 FEB 2014 – 15 MAR 2014

New works by Gabriele Silli that introduces his practice towards the matter and between the trace and the sign. This is the artist’s first solo show with the gallery.

Piazza Di Montevecchio, 16 

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She Devil 6 | STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI | Rome Gallery Tours

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25 Feb 2014 – 15 Mar 2014

Sixth edition of SHE DEVIL video screening, it aims to operate as an open platform towards new and different experiences. 

Antonia Alampi 
Dobrila Denegri 
Pia Lauro 
Orsola Mileti 
Manuela Pacella 
Cristiana Perrella 
Elena Giulia Rossi

Malak Helmy 
Mana Salehi 
Payal Kapadia 
Barbara Visser 
Jeanne Susplugas 
Larissa Sansour 
Kathryn Cornelius 

Via delle Mantellate, 14 

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Matter | NOMAS FOUNDATION | Rome Gallery Tours

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To continue. Notes towards a Sculpture Cycle | Matter 

Curated by Cecilia Canziani and Ilaria Gianni

26 Feb 2014 – 05 Apr 2014

The exhibit continues Nomas Foundation’s ongoing investigation on visual art’s languages and is a research-based project inspired by a core group of works from the Nomas Foundation collection, which focuses on sculpture 

Nomas Foundation 
Viale Somalia 33 

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Intel in partnership with Arduino: Galileo

Intel + Arduino = GALILEO

Intel + Arduino = GALILEO

Intel signs a partnership with Arduino, the well-known prototyping board, born in a part of the old factory Olivetti in Ivrea (To) in 2005 and become a standard for designers, artists, and in general the makers who manage to make it interact with IDEAS.

From this partnership with Intel today was born GALILEO, a Development Board compatible with Arduino and based on Intel architecture. This means having Intel’s performance in the Arduino development boards.

The program linked to the new board, provides free distribution in 17 universities in the world and will be available in late November 2013. An investment aimed at education and interactive learning.

At Maker Faire in Rome today there was the official announcement and at the same time have given hundreds of GALILEO and I am among the lucky ones to have received.