Henri Cartier-Bresson | Museo dell’Ara Pacis | Art in Rome

curated by Clément Chéroux

26 Sep 2014 – 25 Jan 2015

This large exposition is a production of the Pompidou Centre of Paris. On the ten-year anniversary of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s death.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
(1908 – 2004) is one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century.

From Surrealism to the Cold War, from the Spanish Civil War to the Second World War and Decolonization, Cartier-Bresson was one of the greatest chronicles of our history; the “eye of the century”, as he is rightly called.

Lungotevere in Augusta 


Source: en.arapacis.it

ESCHER | Chiostro del Bramante | Art in Rome

“I was walking over a little bridge in the woods at Baarn,
and there it was, right before my eyes. I simply had to make a print of it!”

Source: chiostrodelbramante.it

20 Sep 2014 – 22 Feb 2015

The ESCHER exhibition aims to emphasize the unique way in which Maurits Cornelis Escher observed nature, adopting a different viewpoint, so that beauty of geometric regularity emerges in filigree, transforming it into something magical and playful.

Chiostro del Bramante


Museums in Ferragosto Weekend | 15 – 16 – 17 Aug 2014 – Rome

Source: en.museiincomuneroma.it

For tourists and for those who remain in the city, the “Ferragosto weekend” (15-16-17 Aug 2014) you can visit the permanent collections and the numerous and various current exhibitions in the Civic Museums of Rome.

For these three days I suggest:

Michelangelo Buonarroti | Musei Capitolini

Gabriele Stabile, Refugee Hotel – Sheila McKinnonBorn Invisible | 

 Museo di Roma in Trastevere

Who is on next? Made in Italy | Museo di Roma in Palazzo Braschi 

The Museums are: 

Musei CapitoliniCentrale MontemartiniMercati di TraianoMuseo dell’Ara PacisMuseo di Scultura Antica Giovanni BarraccoMuseo delle MuraMuseo della Repubblica Romana e della memoria garibaldinaMuseo di RomaMuseo NapoleonicoGalleria d’Arte ModernaMACROMuseo Carlo BilottiMuseo Pietro CanonicaMuseo di Roma in TrastevereMusei di Villa TorloniaVilla di MassenzioMuseo Civico di Zoologia.

Shifting Identities | Macro | Art in Rome

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Shifting Identities 

curated by Ludovico Pratesi

20 May 2014 – 14 Sep 2014

Identity in contemporary art of the last generations between Finland and Estonia for the first time brings together 21 representatives of the latest generations of Estonian and Finnish, united by a deep reflection on the theme of identity.

MACRO Testaccio 

Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4 


Massimiliano Cammuso‘s insight:

 21 works realized by estonian artists Reio Aare, Flo Kasearu, Paul Kuimet, Eva Labotkin, Tanja Muravskaja, Kristina Norman, Mark Raidpere, Eva Sepping, Liina Siib10×10 meters, and artists from  Finland Adel Abidin, Aino Kannisto, Riikka Kuoppala, Mikko Kuorinki, Antti Laitinen, Liisa Lounila, Nelli Palomäki, Anna Rokka, Jani Ruscica, Pia Sirén, Pilvi Takala.

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